Welcome to Nur Arabians

I have always owned arabians in Sim so creating arabian stud was just matter of time. Finnally in September 2009 Nur Arabians was established. The word Nur is Arabic meaning light so I thought that it would be perfect name to the stable which is breeding these noble horses from deserts of Arabia.

Schorcing heat and desert landscapes of United Arab Emirates are offering home to our herd. We started with few horses but during last years we have been growing. Nowadays Nur is offering home to homebreds of many different breeders including GBA and BT. Our herd is shown in AHAC but some of them are also competing in other Sim events held by SFR and INJC etc...

Our goal is to breed quality horses with great nature and good overlook. We are regularly buying horses from aboard to keep our lines well-balanced.

Take a look around our farm!