I was born 29th Janyary 1989 in Helsinki where I have lived almost my whole life. Computers have been always important part of my live since I can't write with hands because they are shaking really badly cos of epilepsy. Then I was in 5th grade teacher couldn't get clear from my hand-writing anymore so school bought me special writing machine with what I could do my homework and exams. I used this writing machine until end of the college after what I started to use a laptop also at school.

Web designing has been close to my heart since elementary school when one of my classmates introduced me a world of virtual horses. Years passed and in end of the junior high school I took part of web design competition held by local organization which was searching new layout to its web pages. I didn't win the competition but organization which held the competition granted me a diploma at the graduation ceremony.

After junior high school I went to college and started to really practice my html skills. After graduating from college I started to study business in vocational school but it didn't feel like my field so I decided to apply to University of Jyväskylä to study ICT in autumn 2009. Spring semester 2010 I studied ICT in Jyväskylä but after that half a year period I wanted to move my studies to Helsinki closer to family. So I returned to Helsinki in autumn 2010 to finnish business studies at vocational school after what I applied to Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences to continue studying ICT since it felt more like my field than business.

In autumn 2011 I started to study in Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences and even tho some courses were hard it felt like a right place for me. After couple years of studying in Haaga-Helia I got a change to go study aboard for one semester as an exchange student. For a destination country I chose the Netherlands so in January 2013 I packed my stuff and moved to the Netherlands for a half a year to study. Before starting ICT studies at Fontys university of applied sciences I spend almost an month in University of Twente studying local language. In there I also met a guy who I had knew through Interned few years already but we had never met in real life before. Quite soon after first meeting we started dating.

My time in the Netherlands went quickly since studies and newly found boyfriend kept me busy and in July 2013 it was time to leave the Netherlands and go back to Finland. Luckily my boyfriend could spend his summer holiday in Finland so it wasn't so rough landing to the long distance relationship first but eventually he needed to go back to the Netherlands. However, we tried to visit each other once a month. In February 2014 we got engaged after being bit over a year together.